About company

DALGAZRESURS LLC is implementing investment project in the Verkhnebureinsky district of the Khabarovsk Territory for the construction of a network of liquefied natural gas (hereinafter referred to as LNG) plants on five geological structures of the Bureinsky subsoil plot prepared for deep drilling, including Andikanskoye, the only open field of hydrocarbon raw materials in the Khabarovsk Territory and the Construction Project of the Logistics Center (hereinafter referred to as the LC), which ensures non-transshipment delivery of LNG in multimodal “from door to door” transportation.

The support of the Government of the Russian Federation and the establishment of a special legal regime on the territory of the Far Eastern Federal District, aimed at creating favorable conditions for doing business and attracting private investment, open up new prospects for the integration of the Russian oil and gas complex in the field of LNG into the world economy for the Projects.

As part of the development of international cooperation for contacts with partners in the Asia-Pacific region, DALGAZRESURS LLC has a representative office in the city of Harbin in the People's Republic of China.

Mineral resources base

DALGAZRESURS LLC holds a license for the right to use subsoil for the purpose of geological study, exploration and production of minerals in the Bureinsky licensed subsoil area with prospective reserves of more than 20 billion m3.

According to the State Balance of Mineral Reserves of the Russian Federation, the natural gas reserves of the Adnikanskoye field are:
С1 + С2 = 1.99 billion m³.

The estimated gas reserves at the Andikankiy gas field on the basis of a quantitative assessment of the hydrocarbon resources of the Russian Federation are D1L. + D1 = 4,1 billion m³.

Geographic location of Projects


Соoperation in Russia and abroad

The main goal of LLC “DALGAZRESURS” is the production of natural gas, the production and sale of LNG, as the most important innovative product in a number of countries, including the People's Republic of China, South Korea and Japan - the largest consumer of LNG, obtaining almost all 100% of country’s gas requirements by the usage of LNG imports.
The foreign economic interests of LLC “DALGAZRESURS” on the People's Republic of China aim active development of all aspects of trade and economic cooperation with foreign partners.

LLC “DALGAZRESURS” representative in the People's Republic of China, Mr. Zhou Shuo, has many years of experience in senior positions in the Daqing Engineering Oil Company. In LLC “DALGAZRESURS” he is responsible for project evaluation, economic analysis, investment promotion and business negotiations.

Тел: +86 157 65503795
E-mail: 1627088393@qq.com

LLC “DALGAZRESURS” has a number of agreements with interested parties on the implementation of the Company's projects.
With the support of the Ministry for Development of Russian Far East and Arctic, LLC “DALGAZRESURS” entered into an agreement with the ANO “Agency for Far East Investment Promotion and Export Support” for promotion and participating of projects of Association of government development institutions in charge of the development of the Far Eastern Federal District.
The agreement between LLC “DALGAZRESURS” and JSC Russian Railways Logistics, the largest multimodal logistics operator in the CIS and Baltic countries, contains agreements on the logistics support for the LNG production project in the Khabarovsk Territory provided by JSC Russian Railways Logistics.


In order to expand foreign investors understanding of company’s activities, to demonstrate opportunities to potential participants and to inform them about the concept of business responsibility and sustainable development of LLC “DALGAZRESURS”, the Company annually takes part in international conferences, congresses, forums and exhibitions organized for oil and gas industry specialists from Russia , CIS, Europe and Asia.