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    Recently, Russian and international experts unanimously agree on the prospects of using liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a fuel for transport, heat and power generation.
     In anticipation of the high factors of ecological cleanliness, LNG confidently takes up its position in the global energy balance.
     LNG is the future!
     An affinity group of specialists in the oil and gas industry decided to start development the Bureinsky subsoil property located in the Verkhnebureinsky district of the Khabarovsk Territory.
    The object of our company is to implement a construction of LNG plants cluster on the territory of the Bureinsky site, with the introduction of the latest technologies and industrial automation systems, with the use of energy conservation equipment and the supply of LNG to consumers in container tanks.
    The company's specialists include a focus on studying of advanced LNG technologies and the experience of their practical application.
    The experience of implementation, production and use of LNG in the People's Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, Japan and the European Community is very important to us.
    We are open to cooperation and are constantly in search of new opportunities for further development.



Oleg A. Baranov

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Khabarovsk Territory, Verkhnebureinsky District, w.s. Chegdomyn, 4 Nagornaya street, off. 3

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Khabarovsk Territory, Verkhnebureinsky District, w.s. Chegdomyn, 4 Nagornaya street, off. 3

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Khabarovsk Territory, Verkhnebureinsky District, w.s. Chegdomyn, 4 Nagornaya street, off. 3

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Development concept

DALGAZRESURS” LLC implementation the investment development of the Bureinsky subsoil area with the aim of producing, liquefying and supplying LNG to russian and foreign consumers. Company provides for the phased implementation of investment projects for the construction of a cluster of LNG plants and the construction of a logistics center in the Khabarovsk Territory.

Resource base

The Bureinsky subsoil area is located in the southwestern part of the Verkhnebureinsky depression. The structural position of the licensed area is determined by its position within the Kindalskaya graben-synclinal zone of the Verkhnebureinsky depression formed during the Mesozoic at the border of the Bureinsky mountain group and the Sikhote-Alin fold system.

Seismic exploration provided twelve geological structures located in the same geological conditions at the Bureinsky subsoil area, of which five are ready for deep drilling - Andikanskaya, Alexandrovskaya, Dublikanskaya, Soloniyskaya and Urgalskaya.

Перспективы нефтегазоносности связываются с терригенными отложениями стратиграфического диапазона от верхней югры до верхнего мела, заполняющими грабен-синклинарную зону с потенциальными запасами 20 млрд. м3.

The Andikanskaya structure is a linear anticline fold limited on all sides by local tectonic deformation, was exposed by deep drilling (bottom-hole - 3167 m)

In the interval (350-1020 m.) a multilayer gas field was discovered and natural-gas reserves were included on the State balance of mineral reserves in the amount of: С1 + С2 = 1,99 billion m³. The interval (1020-3150 m) remained under-investigated.

The estimated gas reserves at the Andikankiy gas field on the basis of a quantitative assessment of the hydrocarbon resources of the Russian Federation are D1L. + D1 = 4,1 billion m³.

The Andikank gas field is supposed to have an oil bank.

Special status

For the accelerated growth of industry and the development of the Far East, the Government of the Russian Federation established territories of advanced economic and social development (TAD). TAD are the territories of the Far Eastern Federal District, where a special legal regime has been established, aimed at creating favourable conditions for doing business and attracting private investment as was authorized by the Government of the Russian Federation.

The Government of the Russian Federation guaranteed the establishment of a preferential regime for entrepreneurship activity in the Far Eastern Federal District. Under these circumstances, carrying a stable competitive advantage, LLC “DALGAZRESURS” will provide investors with the best conditions for doing business.


For the first time in Russia, in the Projects of DALGAZRESURS LLC, the construction of small-capacity LNG plants (block-modular type) is conducted at the gas field. This will allow producing LNG with low cost and have full autonomy in energy.

Social responsibility

Реализация Инвестиционных проектов ООО “ДАЛЬГАЗРЕСУРС” будет стимулировать социально-экономическое развитие Хабаровского края за счет создания дополнительных рабочих мест (на территории Верхнебуреинского района будет создано 604 рабочих места), новых промышленных объектов, производства экспортноориентированной и импортозамещающей продукции, привлечения инвестиций.

Прогнозируемое увеличение объема производства СПГ на заводах и создание сети контейнерных терминалов позволит организовать мультимодальные перевозки контейнер-цистерн СПГ любым потребителям СПГ, в том числе находящимся в Азиатско-Тихоокеанском регионе.